STUDIO LIGHTWORKS designs and fulfills innovative lighting projects. With architectural and industrial design skills we play our role as a lighting director in human focused design processes.

With an integrated way of thinking and working we combine experience and innovative lighting techniques into concepts that intensify architectural vision.

We will take the lead in lighting design processes from the analytical phase onward and support each project into results that will make all stakeholders in the project reach their goal.


We add value in multi disciplinary teams as lighting experts with focus on integration of functionality and experience.

lighting concept + design


Veemarktstraat 34

5038 CV Tilburg


+31 6 3434 3908

Light as a material always contributes to the experience of architectural space; Whether light is present or not. Light is therefore

co-responsible for wellbeing and viability.


Well integrated lighting design affects the user's experience and triggers emotions that emphasize architectural vision and urban development quality.

The vision of STUDIO LIGHTWORKS is focused on integration of architectural space and the experience of light. Functionality and aesthetics: related and integrated.


A predefined lighting vision for each project offers direction and flexibility in the process and helps you make choices on issues during the realization phase.

STUDIO LIGHTWORKS will support your  complex lighting issues like urban environments, Smart City concepts, lighting for public space, retail and museums.


We are your sparring partner and coach in master planning and innovation processes;  As award winner of the Light Challenge our skills are unparalleled.

In order to build our lighting scenarios we usually need lighting tools to create the experience we wish to achieve. Lighting tools will either be purchased or designed after the definition of all experience aspects in our lighting design.


We take care of the results: design, engineering and delivery of lighting tools.

STUDIO LIGHTWORKS is based in a unique creative breeding place in the heart of Tilburg, The Netherlands;


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